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to the gps challenge is d, nuclear power provides 19%. by comparison, solar energy comsupplies 1%, and wind energy supplies 3%. don't miss the premier of jake p tapper new show, the lead. it's sure to be smart and engaging just like jake. thanks to all of you for being part of my program this week. i will see you next week. >>> hello, everyone. welcome to the "cnn newsroom." i'm fredricka wit field. guilty as charged, that's the verdict for two high school football player from steubenville, ohio. they were convicted today of raping a girl after heavy partying. trent mays and malik richmond broke down as the verdict was read. richmond's mother openly wept. and after the verdict was read, richmond's father made an emotional plea to the judge and to the victim's family. >> i hope somewhere in your hearts that you can forgive trent and malik for the pain that they have caused your daughter. and put you through. i know that god -- >> soon after the judge announced the boys' sentences, a minimum of one year for richmond, two years for mays, poppy harlow was in the courtroom as all of this played
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to conserve energy and the main dining room is closed. >> all right. gregg, do let us know how you and your family do. and if you guys get on your way when you actually are able to get home. thanks again, gregg. appreciate it. >>> he only accepted his position 25 hours ago, right? now pope francis well into day one and he's hitting the ground running. just a short time ago he celebrated his first mass as pope with the cardinals who elected him. the american catholic church has been rocked by scandal and declining membership as you know. but many are actually hopeful that that could possibly change. casey wian is showing us latinos in los angeles hoping that the first pope from the americas will bring new life to an old church. >> reporter: it's as if catholics in the new world have been waiting six centuries for a voice, especially latinos. they are very happy to have a new pope especially everyone in latin america, we are very happy. for a long time we were waiting for somebody like that to come from latin america. >> the americas now are on the map. >> reporter: los angeles arch bishop jo
. zero heartburn. >>> president obama selling a creative way to pay for research into alternative energy sources. he used his weekly address to present a plan to use the money collected from private companies who drill for oil on public lands. >> now, this idea isn't mine. it actually builds off a proposal put forward by a nonpartisan coalition of ceos and retired generals and admirals. let's take their advice and free our families and our businesses from painful spikes in gas prices once and for all. >> the president said he supports increased domestic oil production along with more research into solar power, wind power and biofuels. >>> congressman paul ryan talked about his plan for balancing the budget. ryan said a balanced budget would make a difference, far beyond just crunching numbers. >> but the crucial question isn't how we balance the budget, it's why. the budget is a means to an end. we are not balancing the budget as an accounting exercise. we're not trying to simply make numbers add up. we're trying to improve people's lives. >> ryan's proposal includes a repeal of the obam
cohesive and it lent to the idea that there was a lot of energy for change and that things needed to be discussed here. and when we look at that, and we look at who we've been talking about, even the mere suggestion of an american pope and that is a legitimate part of the dialog we're told this time, dolan, from new york -- hold on a second. on top of the chimney, a bird. we went from smoke watch to bird watch. ordinarily something that would be completely not worthy of mention, not on this one. it is not a dove. it is like a seagull or something like that on top of the chimney. >> better watch out. he's going to get his feathers ruffled pretty soon. >> maybe he knows something about the smoke we don't. this bird brazenly on top of the chimney, obviously protesting that there will be no smoke. i don't know if that's any kind of indication. but worthy of note because we stare at that chimney for hours here because we're trying to just wait, obviously, for something to come out of it. a little moment of levity there. back to what actually matters, which is, dolan from new york, o'ma
, mr. president, on a personal note, i know how valuable the time raine the energies of the american president, of yourself. this is the tenth time that we have met since you became president and since i became prime minister. you've chosen israel as your first venue in your visit, your foreign visit, in your second term. i want to thank you for the investment you have made in our relationship, and in strengthening the friendship and alliance between our two countries. it is deeply, deeply appreciated. you have come here on the eve of passover. i have always considered it as our most cherished holiday. it celebrates the jewish people's passage from slavery to freedom. through the ages, it is also inspired people, struggling for freedom, including the foundings, the founding fathers of the united states, so it is a profound honor to host you, the leader of the free world, at this historic time in our ancient capital. mr. president, welcome to israel. welcome to jerusalem. >> thank you. thank you. well, thank you, prime minister netanyahu, for your kind words and for your wonderful wel
into clean energy. the plan would set aside 2 billion a year for public and private research. that money would come from federal oil and gas leases. congressional republicans are expected to oppose the plan. >>> red box expanding its service to include video streaming. the movie rental service known for its red kiosks will join netflix and hullu by offering videos online. it will offer streaming along with traditional kiosk rentals. >>> political buzz, rapid fire look at best political topics of the day. three topics, 30 seconds on the clock. playing with us today, john avalon and ron christie, former assistant to george w. bush. welcome to both of you. >> good morning, carol. >> good morning. glad you are here. first up, a funny thing happened on the first day of the annual conservative gathering known as cpac. senators rand paul and marco rubio outlining very different plans. >> the gop of old has grown stale and moss covered. we don't need a new idea. we have an idea called america and it still works. >> okay. so rubio and paul butting a different public face on a seemingly growing te
the announcement or if there is energy in the air there. >> it was rainy and cold. it's gotten cold again today. it is business as usual at the vatican city today with a lot of tours going on across the area there. into the basilica. i want to show you some newspapers which rome is buzzing about the bishop. certainly the pope. grazie roma the pope said to the crowd thanking them for coming. he was almost sheepish. even the newspapers in italy are so beautiful. look at this. in latin. i would not do well with it. it's a lovely keepsake. people are very excited about the new pope here. a ashleigh. >> timothy dolan from new york was considered a bit of a long shot. he made comments this morning, in fact, to chris cuomo about the humility of the pope. i want to play it for you and ask about something specific we just found out about the new pope and one of his first big moves that showed humility. listen to cardinal dolan. >> we heard. we didn't know it because we're locked up but it was pouring down rain. there was a big crowd in the square. he said you're going to be around, right? they said, yes
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was a salesman, so i guess i got some of that energy from him. and my brother don and my sister leah, what a great family. not perfect. in fact, the marriage fell apart. but it was such a nice, grounding thing to be the family where there was love and space forfeits a fights and everythin. and forgiveness. people need to do that, give themselves and oprah said so brilliantly. forgiveness is the -- is giving up the wish that the past could have been different. and when you give that up, if you are released. you don't forget. the person is not exonerated. wasn't good what they did to you or feel that they did to you, you release it, and you don't have to hold it and you don't have to do it to yourself. your mind, ego, will beat you up all the time. we are bigger, we are spirit, whatever you want to call it. something larger than our mind. the mind is a great tool. we need it to stay out of traffic and move around and do great things and write stuff, but it isn't the whole of us. that other place, that experienced place, where you can look at your mind, make enough stories about yourself or o
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)